Important Documents

Download the Application for Accreditation

The following complimentary documents are available to help you prepare for your Accreditation review:

Applying for Urgent Care Center Accreditation - A Step-By-Step Guide

Handbook for Urgent Care Center Accreditation

The Self-Assessment Guideline has been developed as a guide for health care organizations interested in seeking Accreditation. The Self-Assessment Guideline is a comprehensive overview of all the standards of compliance for Accreditation. The Self-Assessment Guideline can help you prepare for your on-site review. Centers applying for Accreditation are encouraged to utilize the Self-Assessment Guideline to prepare for the on-site review. To purchase the Self-Assessment Guideline complete and submit the Self-Assessment Guideline Order Form.


An Operations Manual Template and Urgent Care Center Quality Assurance Checklist are  also available to assist with preparing for Accreditation. The Operations Manual is a template for standard operating Policies and Procedures. It is intended to be used as a general guideline for an Urgent Care center which can be enhanced or modified to fit your center’s specific needs. The Quality Assurance Checklist is a reference guide to ensure that the Policies and Procedures of your Urgent Care center are being followed and is for your center to use on an ongoing basis.


To purchase the Operations Manual Template and/or the Urgent Care Center Quality Assurance Checklist:

Operations Manual Template Order Form

Urgent Care Center Quality Assurance Checklist Order Form


Clinics already Accredited through the NUCCA program, click here to learn more about adding new clinic locations to your Accreditation.

Developing an Urgent Care Center
The American Board of Urgent Care Medicine (ABUCM) has developed a new and improved guidebook, Developing an Urgent Care Center, designed to assist those looking to enter the Urgent Care market. Developing an Urgent Care Center  is a comprehensive guidebook for new owners who plan to open an Urgent Care Center as well as veterans who are looking for ways to improve their practice. This collection of data is a rich resource that will assist you with opening and operating your Urgent Care Center. The guidebook includes information on Common Scope of Care, Staffing, Facility Design, Urgent Care Development Considerations, Choosing the Best Ownership Structure, Financials, Costs & Benefits of EMR Solutions, Billing & Coding, Managed Care & Payer Contracts and more. To purchase a copy of Developing an Urgent Care Center, use this Order Form. Your order includes a USB Flash Drive containing the Developing an Urgent Care Center comprehensive guidebook file.

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